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Found 6 results

  1. "Coltivar el mar e lassar star la tera” is an old Venetian proverb that translates to “farm the sea and forget about the land.” And that's exactly what Venice has done for much of its 1,600-year history, leading to the demise of Venetian winemaking customs. This however, is changing - in recent years, a handful of passionate Venetian winemakers have been working to better understand its lost viticultural heritage, reviving vines once thought to be extinct and preserving the distinct terroir of the lagoon-based wines. Read more about the revitalization of Venice's viticulture https://bit.ly/3zfkA7w
  2. Hi Andrea, I love Flavorful Origins too! They are now a team that produces a variety of high quality food documentaries that are very popular in China, but unfortunately not all of them are available in English overseas. I also recommend this book: https://www.amazon.com/Sharks-Fin-Sichuan-Pepper-Sweet-Sour/dp/0393332888. I think this as close as it can get for a non-Chinese to understand Chinese food. The author is a good friend of the producer of Flavorful Origins. I think she appeared in one of his documentaries! Also, I am new to this community. I am not an ambassador, or a business owner. I am just someone who constantly read and watch about food and food history. How can I contribute? Obviously I know more about Chinese cuisine than i do with other cuisine. Would is it that you (or people you know) most want to know about Chinese food? I am happy to write about anything people are interested in.
  3. "While Oaxaca is well-known for its impressive variety when it comes to food, its lineup of traditional drinks is just as awe-inspiring. And not just the mezcal." Check out this Eater article which highlights many lesser-known Oaxacan drinks, from champurrado to atole de trigo! https://bit.ly/3roPiXh And if any of you have traveled to Oaxaca (or anywhere else) and have a fond food-related memory to share, remember to post about these experiences on Instagram this April 18th for World Food Travel Day! Read more https://bit.ly/3uBUUiU
  4. Hey everyone! Check out this interesting piece by Gastro Obscura on the female-run restaurant preserving Circassian cuisine in Amman! https://bit.ly/35ZWPV1 Really awesome to see how this group of women is helping preserve this Circassian culture, which is sadly on the verge of extinction. World Food Travel Day is coming up on April 18th (in one week!), so it's a great opportunity to raise awareness about different culinary cultures across the globe (like Circassian). To celebrate, we're encouraging everyone to share posts, videos, or stories on Instagram about your favorite food travel experience, so mark your calendars and make sure to participate! By posting you'll also be automatically entered into our World Food Travel Day contest, just be sure to use the hashtag #WorldFoodTravelDay and tag our account @worldfoodtravelassn so we can repost your content. Find out more about the prizes https://bit.ly/3KuL3B2
  5. “If there was no women-led agriculture and small family agriculture, the world would end up hungry.” Check out this fascinating piece on Turkish heritage seeds on Gastro Obscura https://bit.ly/3tIXMKs
  6. Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you know that in Samoa, drinking hot chocolate (koko) is an important part of family traditions and gatherings? And for many Samoans, koko's accessibility is actually is a source of pride, as "cacao is an affordable, natural product, available to all." Check out this Gastro Obscura piece on the importance of koko in Samoan culture https://bit.ly/3BwZuRt
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