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Why Sweden Is The World's Most Sustainable Tourism Destination.

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The Senior Project Manager at "Visit Sweden" HQ in Stockholm, discusses why Sweden is ranked top for Sustainable Tourism in this article 👉https://www.travelbeginsat40.com/2021/05/why-sweden-is-top-for-sustainable-tourism/

Most notably, Jenny Jonevret talks about the ‘The Edible Country’ project.


In Sweden, naturally healthy food can be found just around the corner – in our forests, lakes and meadows. In collaboration with four Michelin-starred chefs, we have created inspirational menus featuring local produce to help you experience the Swedish pantry. Fine do-it-yourself dining means cooking gourmet food for free, with ingredients that you can find in Swedish nature.

Learn more about and get inspired here 👉https://visitsweden.com/edible-country/

Is your business or your country able to utilize local produce? What are your thoughts on the do-it-yourself dining idea? 🤔


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