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Good afternoon WFTA Members!

We hope that you have all been enjoying our GastroTerra community as much as we have. I wanted to personally to reach out to each of you to remind you that when you connect with other members for networking (and you are welcome to contact any member(s) you choose), please be respectful of the community terms and conditions. Your messages should not start with a sales message, nor should you copy and paste offers or itineraries that are clearly designed for mass marketing. Such behavior is a violation of our terms and conditions and degrades the value of the community we are building. To preserve the integrity of GastroTerra, we reserve the right to ban anyone who behaves in this manner. If you do have any spam, harassment or security issues on GastroTerra, please contact me or one of our other hosts so we can investigate.

Thank you again for you participating and sharing your passion for growing our Food Travel Community. Eat Well, and Travel Better!



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