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What are the posting guidelines?


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Whoa! Before you start posting like mad, be sure to have a read through our posting guidelines below. Posting guidelines apply to all areas of GastroTerra - not just private groups.

All GastroTerra members agree to follow community posting guidelines when you sign up. You are already opted in if you are reading this.


To control the quantity of information flow and improve the quality and usefulness of information that you receive, the following "fair use" frequency rules apply to all posts made by members:

Free members may post once per group every 30 days.

Premium members may post once per group every week.

"Per group" means any group that you are a member of - chapters, sector groups, etc. If you want to post more frequently and are a member of multiple groups, we suggest you alter your content and stagger your posting frequency for maximum effectiveness.


Actions that violate our Posting Guidelines include:

Postings in Topics or Groups to promote your tours, travel packages and travel services (this is a TRADE group, not consumers). That said, you can share this information with people privately if they ask for it, but blasting sales-oriented messages in bulk is also prohibited.Posting content that is not directly (or indirectly but clearly) related to food, beverage, travel, hospitality, media or academia industries. Related topics, such as "technology" with a clear application to food and beverage tourism are allowed.Postings that are offensive, obscene, racist or defamatory, including anything which may reasonable cause offense, or anything which is a misrepresentation of fact.Postings using any profanityPostings with hateful remarks of any kind (it's OK to share your opinion, but respect others)Postings that violate any laws or promote illegal activity.

For the most egregious offenses, the member will be removed from the community immediately, without warning.

For lesser violations, we will warn you first that you have violated the posting guidelines.

For repeat offenders, we have a simple "3 strikes then you're out" rule. We will give you two warnings. If you post a third time with content that violates our community guidelines, your profile will be deleted and you will be blocked from rejoining the GastroTerra community.

Any Association premium members or Ambassadors who violate posting guidelines will have their memberships cancelled without refund.

We hate to have to be so strict, but guidelines like these will help us grow a strong, high quality community. Thank you for your understanding!

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