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  • GastroTerra Community

    • What can I do in the GastroTerra community?

      GastroTerra is a place to connect, learn, and share with other passionate professionals just like you. Discuss issues, ask for help, share information and or knowledge, and of course learn more about our industry. This is your community, so don't be shy. JOIN TODAY!

    • How do I get the most out of my membership in GastroTerra?

      GastroTerra is where you can learn, share, network, and find inspiration with other members of the Association. Depending on the type of membership you have, you can search for and contact members who might be prospects for your business; ask questions in our groups and area chapters; and explore the knowledge library.

    • How can membership help a food/beverage manufacturer/distributor/exporter?

      Food and beverage can be the foundation of a destination's sense of place. Travelers come for the great food and drink that your area is known for. Food lovers aren't coming for chain restaurants or businesses. Food lovers are some of the most engaged and interactive consumers available. If they love a product, not only will we tell everyone about it, but we'll also find out how to acquire it back home. Our experience with your local food and beverage products while we are visiting your area starts the word-of-mouth engine - the most effective kind of promotion. In the short term, your benefit is incrementally more food and beverage products purchased and consumed. In the long term, your benefit is exponentially more food and beverage products purchased and exported. In both situations, you're selling more products and earning more profit. To connect with other individuals or businesses for general networking, new knowledge, and idea-sharing, join our GastroTerra community. To promote your business to consumers, then join our World Food Travel Market.

    • What is the difference between GastroTerra and World Food Travel Market?

      Great question! Our GastroTerra community is our primary membership community. GastroTerra was designed for knowledge sharing and networking. This means asking questions, offering advice, sharing professional experience, researching library articles (premium members only), and getting to know other members. It is where the largest number of our members meet and interact. Here we offer both free and paid membership plans. GastroTerra was launched in August 2019. We moved to a new platform offering more features and options in April 2021. Our World Food Travel Market website is a marketplace platform. It is designed to promote your product, service, organization or destination to consumers, media and the general public. Here we offer paid membership subscriptions. World Food Travel Market was launched in July 2020.

  • Memberships

    • How much is membership?

      Both free and paid memberships are offered on our GastroTerra online community platform. You can check current pricing and benefits under Store > Subscriptions.

    • Do you have a free or discounted membership plan?

      If you're looking for a free membership, choose a Basic subscription to our GastroTerra online food travel trade community. If you are a part-time or full-time student, scroll down to learn about the discounted student memberships we offer in our GastroTerra community.

    • Can I have a membership in my company's name?

      In our GastroTerra community, you can choose an individual or business membership. Choose the option that suits your needs best on the home page when you sign up. You should use your company's name on World Food Travel Market unless your own individual name is also your business name (e.g. in the case of a blogger or photographer).

    • Our company needs memberships for several people. Do you offer packages?

      Business (company) memberships (as well as individual memberships) are available on the GastroTerra community. Membership plans on World Food Travel Market are for businesses.

    • Can my spouse (or business partner) and I share a membership for our business?

      Memberships on GastroTerra can be for individuals or businesses as follows. Individual memberships must be in individual names for each person. You can choose free or premium memberships, or choose different membership types for each person, according to your needs. If you want multiple people to have a "connected" membership, then you should choose the business membership type.

    • Do you offer any student memberships?

      We're glad to hear that you are interested in membership and if you are a full- or part-time student with a valid student ID, then you can get a full premium membership on GastroTerra (€99 value) for only €29 (you save €70).

  • Student Memberships

    • What do I need to do?

      Send us a copy of your valid student ID. A valid student ID is one that is either current or expired less than 60 days prior to the date you write us. Please allow us up to 2 calendar days (3 calendar days over weekends or holidays) to get back to you with the secret student membership signup URL. (Please note that you will need to provide a copy of your student ID for every year that you renew your membership at the special student price.)

    • Already have a free plan on GastroTerra?

      If you already have a free plan on GastroTerra, no worries. Simply send us your student ID (as explained above) and we can help you upgrade your plan on the backend.

    • Need an invoice?

      We can create an invoice for an additional fee of €3 per transaction. Remember, we do not charge any VAT or other tax on our plans, since we bill out of our US office, so the invoice will reflect zero VAT.

    • Not a student but work in academia?

      Professors and other academics or researchers without a student ID, please choose the Professional membership instead.

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