• 10 Lessons

    Ambassador Certification

    Private, invitation-only training and certification for ambassador candidates of the World Food Travel Association. Are you interested in getting started as an Ambassador? You can learn more here about our exclusive Ambassador program, including how to get started, the duties, and your benefits. Ambassador training is offered only by invitation, and only to paid members of the World Food Travel Association. If you are not yet a paid member of the Association, join today and start strengthening your relationship with the Association. If you are a paid member and want to get started as an Ambassador, please contact us. This is Certification class 00 in a series of Masterclasses offered by the World Food Travel Association.
  • 25 Lessons

    Culinary Tour Operator Certification

    Culinary Tour Operator Certification Course Description Food and beverage tours are all the rage. Travelers are demanding more and more of them, and companies are…
  • 14 Lessons

    Culinary Tourist Guide Certification

    Culinary Tourist Guide Certification Course Description As the number of culinary tour companies grows, so does the demand for culinary tourist guides. There is a…