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Groupe pour les professionnels du tourisme gastronomique en France. Also for those with an interest in France. All chapters are moderated by a Certified Ambassador who represents the Association in the country.
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  2. 11 juillet 2022 Une conversation de 1h pour évoquer le potentiel du tourisme brassicole en France avec Elisabeth Pierre, zythologue, fondatrice de la revue Bières et Mets et de Bierissima, auteure du guide Hachette des Bières en 100 styles A ne pas manquer https://vimeo.com/728885427/976f741cf1
  3. Bonjour ! Hello ! Bienvenue / Welcome Let's make the French chapter fun, informative and useful. What are the information you would like to see here - relevant for your business or / and for personal interest ? please reply here. ----- Rendons l'espace"France" sympa, informatif et utilse autant que possible. Quelles informations souhaiteriez-vous voir ici ? Qu'ils soient pertinents d'un point de vue business ou par intérêt personnel.. Merci de répondre ici ! A bientôt
  4. Hi Talia - Thank you for this article. Very interesting ! When thinking about french wines people refer mostly to Bordeaux or Burgundy and tend to forget others. And there are many indeed ! A very good example of how Food Tourism and "Slow" tourism can be combined to make a destination more attractive. Merci
  5. In this article, travel writer Nina Caplan discusses how the French Alpine region is just as much of a destination for food and wine-motivated tourists as it is for skiers. Continue reading here to see which spots she recommends and what makes the region's food and wine so special

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