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भारत में कहीं भी स्थित खाद्य या पेय पर्यटन उद्योग में पेशेवरों के लिए Also for those with an interest in India. All chapters are moderated by a Certified Ambassador who represents the Association in the country.
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  2. Found this interesting article on Nagaland Chef's interview. Nagaland is one of the state in North East part of India that is still rooted with rich indigenous flavours. Do take a moment and read through it! https://www.telegraphindia.com/amp/my-kolkata/people/chef-joel-basumatari-is-on-a-quest-to-popularise-slow-food-movement-naga-food-and-northeast-cuisine/cid/1858121
  3. Hi Manoj Patkar, happy to have you on board. Let's keep it rolling. I really hope this platform helps you to promote authentic flavours of Maharashtra cuisine.
  4. Hello all, I just joined and am keen to promote local cuisine of Maharashtra in Mumbai region, especially in five star hotels, where the tourists usually prefer to stay. I am a Chef by profession, basically from Mumbai. The only dishes on the menu cards are 95% North Indian. Am sure there is a huge ocean of culinary specialities within Maharashtra, that are yet to get their due value in local restaurant segment, within its own state. Do let me know how we can together get the local cuisine promoted within our geographical domains, before bringing it to the global forefront. Thanks and Regards, Manoj Patkar (+919920060007) patkarm01@gmail.com
  5. Thank you Nivvy. Yes, indeed. We need more participation from India! We have scheduled that any chapters with fewer than 20 members will be consolidated here on GastroTerra. This does not mean that what you can post will change. It will mean that you won't be able to have private discussions in the context of your own India chapter. So we need 1 more person to join to keep the India chapter! :)
  6. Let me start first by posting Tamil Nadu(One of the South Indian State of India) Tourism's promotional video of Chettinadu Cuisine. If you don't know much about Chettinadu Cuisine. This video will shed some light on it.
  7. Hi everyone! I am Nivethitha Bharathi, moderator of GastroTerra India Chapter. Hope all of you are doing great. I am currently working at Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. This post is to inform that our group has been quite inactive for so long and its time for us to be more active in this platform and utilize it to the best. We are building a community that strive to protect our diverse culinary culture. With endless array of cuisine in our country, we should take more action in making it a primary aspect in Tourism. So take this moment to introduce yourself here. From coming week onwards, allocate some of your time to share your thoughts, ideas on improvising the culinary aspect of your destination or region. You can also share your traditional cuisine related posts here. Personally, I would like to see more food tourism circuits to be presented by all our destinations in future. So, hoping to see your active participation in the upcoming days. Thank you!

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