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  • Rosa Jackson – You Can’t Imagine

    Erik Wolf

    In this episode, we speak with Rosa Jackson. Sometimes the big city gets in the way of what matters in life, like having a garden of your own, or a home large enough for a family. Hailing from Alberta, Canada, her home was not known for its cuisine when she was young. Rosa fell in love with the good food in France and moved to pursue her interest in all things related to food. When she lived in Paris, Rosa liked her job as an interpreter at the famed Cordon Bleu cooking school, and also enjoyed working as a restaurant critic and food writer for Time Out Paris. A holiday in Nice changed her life and today, Rosa is living the dream, running a cooking school in Nice next to the city’s colorful food market. She is also writing a cookbook on the unique and largely unknown cuisine of her area.

    Meet Rosa on LinkedIn or visit her website.

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