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  • Team Spotlight: Rose Trébuchet

    Erik Wolf

    Parisian native Rose Trébuchet has always loved travel and adventure. Her bucket list includes action-filled activities like road tripping through Asia, bungee jumping and going on a safari tour. And not only has this passion for discovery been fueled by action-packed activities, but also by food.

    “I think gastronomy tourism is a full part of our trips because you will always have to eat no matter where you are in the world,” she poignantly notes. For Rose, food -and food culture’s- transversal nature is what makes it such a valuable angle of exploration.

    Food has played an important role in Rose’s life since she was little, citing many early food-related childhood memories. One of her fondest memories was loading up on strawberry ice cream when out and about visiting different cities with her family. But it wasn’t until Rose started studying Hospitality Management that she was able to immerse herself and discover the realm of food and beverage tourism. 

    “I think food is a good way to understand a country’s culture. To me, it can also impact your imagination,” she notes, adding that it allows you to expand your mental horizons.

    This past year, Rose has been working on her Master’s thesis, which covers the topic of food tourism in Brittany. And that’s actually what led her to the WFTA –when looking for data for her investigation, she found out about the Association and decided to pursue an internship. This past August, we had the pleasure of welcoming Rose onto our team. Today, Rose manages the Culinary Capital Network, working hard to help develop each unique destination and showcase their greatest features.

    Rose believes that going forward, destinations should focus on promoting local cuisine, adding that social media and television programs are an efficient and productive way to help destinations leverage their culinary culture as a draw factor. We most definitely agree!

    A couple of fun facts about Rose:

    Her favorite food experience happened during a study exchange in Vietnam. “A family welcomed me in their home, and they didn’t speak English. I didn’t speak Vietnamese, but we understood each other through cooking,” she says, highlighting the deep and meaningful connections that can arise by way of food. 

    Her all-time favorite dish is the chili-coated chicken wings that she tasted on a trip to Prague, and Thailand is on her bucket list as her next culinary destination to visit.

    When asked about the future of food and beverage travel, Rose says “I think the future is very bright even though we will have to use new ways of producing, traveling, etc. It will be interesting to see new food coming around, new flavors, a whole new approach to cuisine in the end.”

    Thanks for everything that you do, Rose! We’re thrilled to have you onboard.

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