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  • Join us on Global Wellness Day June 11

    Erik Wolf

    by Camille Hoheb – Chair, Wellness and Health Practice Area

    People often define wellness in different ways, but most agree that what we put in our bodies is critical for health and well-being. And while people usually think of only food when gastronomy is mentioned, a region’s cuisine also includes its beverage products and experiences.

    Drinks of all kinds are used to cleanse, strengthen, tone, refresh or rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. This makes gastronomy an important part of a well-rounded wellness experience. As Chair of the Wellness initiative of the World Food Travel Association and as Ambassador of Global Wellness Day, I am thrilled to integrate the shared passions of food, travel, and wellness for the Wellness Drinks Around the World collaborative project (scroll to bottom to get your copy!).

    Many thanks to all of the Global Wellness Day & World Food Travel Association ambassadors who contributed to this outstanding effort. This is a wonderful resource for all those who enjoy connecting to other cultures through food traditions with a focus on well-being and health not only for ourselves but for our community, by using local ingredients and recipes.

    I believe that raising your glass and toasting your friends and family with “cheers to your health” is a universally understood experience that brings about goodwill, “being in the moment”, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

    Thank you for joining us in celebrating Global Wellness Day and learning more about wellness drinks – the often-overlooked part of the wellness experience. Invite friends and family to try these new beverage recipes at home and consider trying a new wellness beverage on your next trip.


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