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  • Inspiration from Different Approaches to Agritourism

    Erik Wolf

    From a South African farmer rekindling interest in the culinary and medicinal use of indigenous plants, to the cross-agency collaboration that is leveraging a farmers market to elevate farm-to-table culinary agritourism in rural Idaho, USA, creative approaches to agritourism are emerging across the globe.

    Agritourism marries agriculture and tourism, attracting domestic and international visitors to working farms and other agricultural settings for direct sales, education, hospitality, entertainment, outdoor recreation, and more. It is a flexible vehicle for promoting local food and farms, experiential learning, and sustainable development.

    Agricultural producers, researchers, educators, service providers, rural economy experts, and tourism professionals will gather for the International Workshop on Agritourism in Burlington, Vermont, USA, August 30 – September 1, 202. It is designed as a hybrid event with in-person and virtual attendance options.

    The event will feature more than 150 presentations and interactive workshops by U.S. and international speakers; a farm-to-table dinner, a poster session and field trips to farms and other agricultural enterprises. The proceedings will be recorded so that registrants can later access the rich library of presentations.

    The conference is co-sponsored by the University of Vermont (UVM) Extension and Eurac Research, a private research center in Italy. Visit the conference website here for more information or to register.

    Special thanks to Lisa Chase, Chair of our Association’s Agriculture & Rural Practice Area, for making us aware of this exciting opportunity.

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