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  • Announcing FoodTreX Global Speakers – Day 2

    Erik Wolf

    Speaker: Gabriel Malvar, The Extra Mile Productions (Philippines) – It’s Not Always About The Money Based in the Philippines, Gabriel Malvar expresses his passion for photography, writing but also travel, through the making of documentary films. For more than 12 years now, his company The Extra Mile Productions has directed multiple films and Gabriel is now a multi-award-winning producer and director!

    Eager to share the stories of the locals and their culinary cultures, the Philippines-based coach company Victory Liner called on Gabriel to make short marketing videos titled “Know your North.” This project allowed Gabriel to acquire a very thorough knowledge of Filipino culture and to build strong and sincere relationships with the people. We will therefore be delighted to welcome Gabriel to present the marketing campaign set up by Victory Liner and its impact on the development of local and international tourism in the Philippines!

    Speaker: Chantal Cooke (United Kingdom) – Engineering A More Sustainable Culinary Destination

    Passionate about nature, wildlife, photography, crafts and communications, from an early age, Chantal Cooke is now an accomplished and committed journalist in the service of the Planet. In addition to writing short articles for various magazines, Chantal runs Panpathic Communications and helps small businesses, freelance authors and crowdfunding companies manage their communication. It also helps them reach 1000 customers / readers / investors via public relations, social media or by setting up dynamic communication campaigns inspiring action. Chantal is also a member of the English station PASSION for the PLANET which is the only radio station dedicated to a green, healthy and ethical lifestyle.

    In recent years, travellers’ consumption patterns have evolved. Today, between two similar restaurants, consumers will be more likely to choose the one that has a more sustainable offer. Gradually, catering became a way to promote a destination. However, if a destination is not sustainable, the sustainable culinary offer will struggle to attract and reassure tourists. Sustainability is a commitment of everyone and every moment, which requires constant work and investment. To understand the link between catering and tourist offices, Chantal will intervene to give us concrete examples of how the two can work together and in perfect harmony.

    Speaker: Alejandra Espinoza (Ecuador) – How The Pandemic Changed Foodservice

    For several years now, the world has changed enormously: the restaurant industry is no longer the same, the supply chain seems to be under more and more pressure, food prices are soaring, the shortage of labor is frightening… Listing all the challenges that catering faces would be tedious. However, despite all these challenges, there is still hope!

    Alejandra Espinoza, is the Executive Chef of the Somos restaurant, in Quito, Ecuador. After many professional experiences including the Plaza Athénée in Paris and another alongside the French Chef Guy Savoy, Alejandra co-created the Ground Kitchen, a gastronomic concept for lovers of Californian cuisine. Alejandra now promotes local supplies, the well-being and the evolution of her teams to whom she attaches great consideration. Building on all these successes, Alejandra will intervene to explain the perception and meaning of restaurant catering for the new generation of food-loving travelers.

    Speaker: Rodrigo Pacheco (Ecuador) – Regenerative Gastronomy To The Rescue

    At the World Food Travel Association, we believe that food as the power to reconnect cultures and bring people together. It also has the ability to restore ecosystems.

    Passionate about “regenerative gastronomy”, chef Rodrigo Pacheco is fully dedicated to offering a cuisine that is both healthy and respectful of the environment. His restaurant Bocavaldivia uses ingredients made in pristine agricultural conditions in the company of local fishermen and permacultures. “regenerative gastronomy” also makes it possible to return to the past, using ancestral techniques. Talented and committed, Rodrigo’s work has attracted the attention of many political leaders, activists, private companies, other Chefs including Chef Joan Roca, who has 3 stars in the Michelin guide and Netflix!

    Eager to share his commitments and show that it is possible to cook while respecting the environment, Rodrigo will join us to present the concepts and propose ways to introduce this approach in our regions. He will show how it is possible to reconnect guests with the food resources they enjoy.

    Speaker: Roberta Garibaldi (Italy) – What’s New In Wine Tourism In 2022?

    While wine tourism has been experiencing incredible development in recent years, it is no longer just a matter of taking a guided tour and tasting wines. Now, tourists want to experience the wine culture of the destination they are visiting.

    Faced with this new demand, wineries have had to rethink their offers in order to be more creative, to offer new experiences, develop new partnerships and find new targets. The health crisis has also had an impact on the development of sustainable tourism, in which tourists are now very interested. Indeed, wine-loving tourists also choose their destination according to its sustainability.

    It is in this context made up of multiple challenges, that Roberta Garibaldi will be pleased to join our summit. Roberte has an extremely rich professional life: university professor, member of the Board of Directors of the World Institute of Gastronomy and of the Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Tourism Sciences (SISTUR), speaker for the UNWTO Forum on Wine and Gastronomy, Roberta is also the author of numerous scientific publications including the “Report on Gastronomy Tourism in Italy“. With all her experiences, Roberta will intervene to present us the new needs and expectations of travelers. It will also offer suggestions on how to develop more authentic, more creative offers.

    Join us on April 28-29, 2022, to hear these speakers share their stories. Register here.

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