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GastroTerra is a membership community for anyone working or interested in
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GastroTerra is for Everyone

GastroTerra is the world’s largest community of like-minded professionals who want to connect, explore, share and get inspired about the latest developments in food and beverage tourism. 

Our community includes governments, destination marketers, tour/ travel agencies, tour operators, tourist guides, restaurants/ catering/ cooking schools,  academics/ researchers, service providers, consultants and really, everything else related to food & beverage tourism.

A Few of Your Membership Benefits


Informal Networking

Connect directly with other food & beverage tourism industry professionals.

Connect directly with other food & beverage tourism industry professionals faster and more easily than ever before! Promote your business type in your profile, search for others by their business type or location. We've made it easier than ever to connect with whomever you want.


Get answers

Need help with something? Looking for inspiration? Ask the community and get an answer fast!

Post quick updates in the Activity Feed. Or join one of our discussion groups to talk about strategic issues such as sustainability, wine tourism, culinary tours and research. Paid members can also join any chapters you wish for conversations in your language and specific to your region.


Unique content

From our regular meetings and broadcasts to industry-specific discussion topics, we bring you knowledge that you simply can't find online

Find links to our podcasts and other online broadcasts like Food Travel Talk TV. And paid members can join our monthly member chat with speed networking.

What Other Members Say

"Gastroterra is a great platform connecting people from different food travel worlds. I find it very useful to exchange ideas and experiences about food tourism with other experts and passionates from various countries!"

Marta Masternak

Forklore Tours, Poland

"As a Destination Pairing Specialist, food and beverage are a central part of any travel experience. GastroTerra lets me connect to businesses and destinations on a much deeper level, educating me on new ways to create more customized and unique experiences for my travel clients."

Carol Berger

All Places Traveled, Philadelphia, USA

"Gastroterra helps connect with people in food tourism and beyond. The community is always willing to share knowledge and experience. I met my mentors who have guided and helped me a lot throughout the pandemic.

Ashwani Bhati

The Horses King, Delhi, India

"Gastroterra is our own social media platform, a place where people who have a passion about food and beverage tourism, can meet, discuss, be informed and do great networking! It’s useful, fun, and unique!"

Maria Athanasopoulou

Respond on Demand, Thessaloniki, Greece

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990 / Year
  • Perfect for businesses, tourism offices governments & organizations
  • First 5 professional memberships included; 50% off additional memberships
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* Paid members receive priority access at capacity-controlled events. | Are you a current student? If so, sign up for a free basic plan and THEN write us with a copy of your valid student ID. Eligible students get a full professional membership at the special €29 price (you save €70!). Professors and other academics or researchers without a student ID, please choose the Professional membership.

Answers to All Your Questions

Signing Up

The old site was a different system. If you were on the old site on or before March 31, 2021, you will need a new user name and password on this new site. Simply create a new account here.

Of course. Simply choose the free membership option below. You can upgrade your plan whenever you would like to start enjoying extra benefits.

Great question. GastroTerra is more social, used for networking, to get answers to questions and to be a source of inspiration. World Food Travel Market is a marketing tool to publicize your business or destination to potential partners and customers. The two systems are different, with different membership plans that are managed independently.

WorldFoodTravel.org is our main Association website. Think of it like a live, detailed brochure. This site is called GastroTerra and is the member community. You should login and use the GastroTerra site, not the main WorldFoodTravel.org site.

Yes of course! Write us with a copy of your valid student ID. You’ll get a student membership for only €29, an annual savings of €70! Student memberships have the same benefits as professional memberships. Professors and other academics or researchers without a student ID, please choose the Professional membership.

We are a non-profit organization ourselves, and we do not receive any public funds. Therefore we must charge for our services. The membership pricing is based on input from members in different countries and professions. The consensus is that the current fees are fair and nominal for the large majority of people.

A community is only as strong as its members. People want to know who other members are so that they can connect with you, ask you questions and maybe do business with you. There is no value in someone with a membership name of “user96167” or “foodlovergermany”.  This is not a travel review website where people prefer to remain anonymous. It is a professional community.  People who use fake names when signing up will be given 3 warnings, after which time if the error has not been corrected, the profile will be deleted without further notice.

Using the System

A lot! You can search for and connect with other members; join a discussion group and get ideas for your own business or share your ideas with others who need help; post your updates in the activity feed; search for interesting content; explore upcoming events like World Food Travel Day, and much more. Paid members can also join chapters, and academics can join the research group, share your research and look for research partners. All paid members will also have access to our BrainFood Library (we are moving content over right now).

Login and you will see a circle to the right of your name in the upper right of the page. Click the circle and a drop-down list will appear. In there click the “Profile” link and you will find the various options for modifying your profile.

The GastroTerra member community is a global community. Therefore, we all need to speak a common language together so that we can understand each other. That common language is English for most situations. That said, we have created several area chapters where you can communicate with people in your own language.  You do not need to write in English when inside a a chapter group.

Chapters are managed by our network of certified ambassadors around the world. Check here to see if we have an ambassador in your area. If so, you can ask them to start a chapter for you. If not, would you be interested in becoming an ambassador in your area? If so, please get in touch.

First of all, GastroTerra is a private community. We are not affiliated with any of the big media powerhouses. All of your data is housed on servers maintained by the World Food Travel Association. We never sell or rent your contact information to other parties.  We treat your data like our own. We use your data only to communicate directly with you about your membership, or our Association’s products and services. You can request deletion of your data from our systems at any time. You can read our full GDPR policy here.


When you sign up, you can pay by credit card or debit card. Your card will be billed in Euros, but your bank may charge you additional fees for conversion. We also accept wire transfers into our € account. If you prefer to pay by wire transfer or you need a VAT invoice, please contact us BEFORE you sign up. 

We also accept payment by bank wire transfer. You can pay by wire in US$, €, or £. If you are unable to send payment by wire transfer, please get in touch for some alternate suggestions.

Given the low cost of membership, we are unable to provide a VAT invoice service for student and professional plans unless we charge an extra €10 fee. Business plans may request an invoice at no additional cost. If you still need a VAT invoice, contact us BEFORE you sign up. We will send you a separate invoice from our accounting system. We will add the €10 fee into the cost of your membership. Note that we do not charge VAT or any other tax on our products.

Are you considering membership based on your personal income or business income? If you manage a hotel or tour company (for example) and charge your customers in US dollars, Euros, or Australian dollars (for example), then your pricing is most likely at a premium level to match the expectations of customers arriving from these more affluent areas. Remember that our membership still offers a free plan. If this doesn’t suit your situation, then please consider applying for a grant from your own area tourism office, the United Nations World Tourism Organization, or USA or EU aide charities, or economic development organizations that typically fund an expense like this as education, training, or economic development.

Please write us and let us know what the issue is. Be sure to write from the email address that is registered to your membership account.


First, are you sure that you have an account on our new membership platform? If you had an account on the old platform (March 31, 2021 or older), your login information will not work on the new platform and you will need to register again on this new platform.

Most likely, the issue is with your browser cache or cookies. Please clean your cache and cookies and try again. You can also try logging in, in a different browser and see if that fixes it.

First, make sure you are accessing our member website here, and not through our main WFTA website. Be sure that you see “members.” at the beginning of the URL. If you don’t, then you are not on the member site. If you are on the member site and still locked out, then you have exceeded the number of login attempts before the system flags it as suspicious and blocks you. You’ll need to wait a period of time (usually an hour) before you can login again. You can always request a password reset if you do not remember your password.

Joining chapters is a benefit of Professional Membership. Upgrade your membership today and start enjoying the benefits of joining all chapters that you wish.

First, check to be sure that you are enrolled in the class. Once you pay for and enroll in a class, you should automatically have access to it. If you don’t and you think you should, please contact us with the details and we will check into it.

The reason for this is most likely, you have unsubscribed from emails and/or notifications. Check your settings to make sure you are getting the news and alerts that you want to get. Also check your spam folder, since legitimate emails are often blocked by mail servers (especially hotmail, yahoo and earthlink).